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    Applications covered by our drone surveying services

    • Inspections of buildings and roofs
    • Topographical and land surveys
    • Urban planning services
    • Land management surveys
    • Surveys for boundary and construction purposes
    • High-quality photography and filming services
    • Aerial mapping services
    • Heritage site surveys

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      If you know exactly what services you require and/or want to attach files, please fill out full form here.

      What is a Drone Survey?

      Drone surveying is an alternative to traditional surveying methods for measuring large areas that are difficult or impossible to measure using traditional methods. It is a fast, efficient and accurate way to get measurements of large areas, and the use of drones has become increasingly popular in recent years.

      Aerial mapping services

      Equipment in Drone Survey Service

      Equipment and Software Utilised in our Drone Survey Service

      We understand that every project is unique and requires specialised equipment to ensure accurate results. Drones are best for aerial photography, but RTK and Lidar scanners may be necessary for accurate measurements for construction purposes. Our state-of-the-art equipment includes 3D laser scanners, total stations, GPR, and CCTV cameras. We use high-resolution DSLR cameras on our drones for detailed photos and videos. Our software includes industry-standard packages such as AutoCAD, Revit, and Sketchup for creating and editing drawings.

      Our Deliverables From Drone Surveying Specialists

      3D point cloud

      Our 3D point cloud captures high-quality imagery and videos, seamlessly integrates with other products, and provides BIM modelling, 2D topographic plans, and condition reports for various purposes, such as engineering projects, surveying land and buildings, and measuring distances on site.


      Orthoimagery is a drone survey that creates detailed aerial images for spatial mapping and measuring land use, vegetation health, and environmental factors. These images are aligned or straightened for easier interpretation by software programs like AutoCAD® Civil 3D® and MicroStation V8i®.

      Condition Surveys

      A condition survey assesses a building’s physical condition, including structural damage, wear and tear, and electrical and mechanical conditions. Our team uses drone surveying to capture all data and provide a complete report.

      Lidar Mapping

      LIDAR mapping uses lasers to create 3D maps by measuring distances between objects with reflected light. Our drone surveyors use this technique to create high-resolution 3D maps of properties and locations.


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      What formats can drone surveys deliver in?

      Our drone surveying services offer flexibility in terms of software and deliverables. We can produce a range of maps and plans tailored to your specific needs. Some of the files we can deliver include the following:

      • DSM models in .xyz, .las, .laz and .tiff
      • 3D point cloud files in .xyz, .las, .laz and .ply
      • Orthomosaic mapping in .html, .tiff, .png, .jpg and .kml
      • Contour lining in .pdf, .dxf and .shp
      • 3D textured mesh in .obj, .pdf, .fbx, .ply and .dxf

      2D topographic plans

      Drone Survey Service

      How Much Does a Drone Survey Cost?

      The pricing of drone surveying services may vary based on several factors:

      • The survey location
      • Property size and location
      • Type of drone building survey you require
      • Accessibility to property and land
      • Proximity to built-up areas
      • Public points of interest, such as transport terminals and stadiums

      To receive an accurate cost estimate, please get in touch with our team to discuss your project in detail.

      Benefits of Drone Surveying

      As a Norwich Measured Survey Company, we offer our clients several benefits that make drone surveying an excellent solution for your project. Here are some of them:

      • Safety is also a crucial benefit of Drone survey services, as users can remotely pilot and scan areas without climbing high structures, thus reducing the risk of accidents.
      • The high accuracy provided by drone sensors and 3D laser mapping allows for precise mapping of land and buildings.
      • Our Drone survey formats are flexible and adaptable, allowing data can be used in various editing suites and software.
      • Swift turnaround times of just minutes for data collection, which is faster than traditional methods that could take days or even weeks.
      • It can save money by avoiding the need for expensive hardware and ongoing labour costs associated with traditional aerial planning and photography.


      We offer the most cost-efficient drone survey services in Norwich and across the UK, which means you get to spend more on other essential aspects of your project. Our team is committed to delivering accurate results within the agreed timeframe. You can be sure that we will deliver what we promise!

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