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    At Norwich Measured Survey, we provide heritage and historical in Norwich and across the UK, offering surveys ranging from simple condition reports to detailed analyses of historic fabric, including paint analysis, structural investigations, and conservation advice

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      About Heritage and Historical Surveys

      A heritage survey assesses a building’s cultural, historical, and architectural significance. It aims to identify the critical features of a building and its context, including its history, social and cultural significance. The survey can be conducted by a professional heritage consultant or an architect with specialised training in heritage conservation.

      The purpose of a heritage survey is to provide an accurate and comprehensive record of a building’s significance, which is used to develop heritage management plans, conservation strategies, and planning policies. It also helps to identify buildings that may be at risk of demolition or alteration and provides a basis for their protection.

      Historical surveys, on the other hand, focus on the historical context of a building, including its construction, use, and evolution over time. They often involve extensive research into archival records, photographs, and other historical sources to document the building’s history and contextual significance.

      3D Laser Scanning Survey

      Conducting a heritage survey using GPS

      Our Deliverables for Your Heritage and Historical Project

      We specialise in conducting historic building surveys that provide accurate and comprehensive records of historical and heritage sites. Our deliverables for heritage and historic surveys include:

      • Detailed 2D CAD drawings at scales such as 1:20/1:10
      • Revit 3D models that allow us to analyse the fragile structure of the building.
      • Point cloud for high-resolution delivered in colour mode.
      • Orthophotos for graphical support, which is essential for carrying out damage and decay analysis for building pathology purposes.

      As a part of the heritage survey, we can survey and examine various historical features and elements:

      • Wall textures and stone works
      • Historical features of decorated floors
      • Ceilings and elevations
      • Irregularity of the masonry, which may be due to repairs or alterations made over time or even from its original construction methods.
      • Walls: The texture of the walls can be assessed, including any stone works and decorations.
      • Floors: Historical features of decorated floors can be identified, such as mosaic tiles or wooden flooring

      The Techniques, Tools and Procedures We Use

      The heritage and historical survey will be carried out using the latest 3D laser scanning technology and total stations. GPS, drones, and high-resolution photo cameras are also used to record the building’s exterior. This allows us to produce precise documentation of your property accurately and scientifically.

      Traditionally, surveys have been carried out by measuring individual features on-site with tape measures or rulers; however, this can lead to inaccuracies due to human error. Our non-intrusive measuring techniques offer greater accuracy than traditional methods while still ensuring that no damage is caused during measurement (as they do not involve any drilling).



      To prepare local heritage registers and reflect findings in planning schemes, a heritage building survey should be conducted before reviewing a local heritage register or a local government planning scheme. In areas where heritage resources have little active protection due to a lack of information, it is critical to conduct a heritage survey as soon as time and resources are available

      Experience the Benefits of Our Heritage & Historical Survey Service

      Heritage building surveys are a complex process, and we have the expertise to make sure that your survey is done right.

      • Our professional team is dedicated to delivering the best for your listed building project. With our extensive knowledge and training, we can advise preserving these buildings without compromising their appearance or character and planning for future development.
      • We utilise the leading 3D laser scanning technology to capture precise data up to 1 million points per second. Our high-quality equipment allows us to deliver the level of detail needed for your project, providing you with advanced technology that exceeds expectations.
      • Our heritage surveying specialists provide highly detailed and reliable 3D point cloud data, scan to CAD and 3D BIM Models, and orthophotos with the required level of detail, ensuring accurate and comprehensive deliverables
      • We prioritise efficiency in producing your desired deliverables through our systematised processes and vast knowledge of the heritage and historical building industry, ensuring a quick and seamless turnaround time.

      Experience these benefits and more by choosing our Heritage & Conservation Survey Service for your next project. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you.


      Our Norwich measured survey service is ideal for anyone who owns or manages a historic building in Norwich and wants to protect and preserve its heritage value. Our surveys are tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements, and we provide comprehensive reports that are easy to understand and use. We can help you gain valuable insights into the history and significance of your building, ensuring its preservation and protection for future generations.

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