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    Depending on the type of utility survey, we deliver the following accurate deliverables when conducting an underground service:

    • 3D utility survey data capture and modelling underground utilities
    • 2D, 3D and 3D Modelled CAD
    • GIS Model
    • BIM Model
    • MEP BIM Models

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      If you know exactly what services you require and/or want to attach files, please fill out full form here.

      Underground Survey Services by Norwich Measured Survey

      Ensuring Safety and Accuracy

      When it comes to construction and excavation work, understanding what’s underground is just as important as what’s above it. At Norwich Measured Survey, we understand the importance of accurate and reliable underground surveying services. Our team of utility surveyors uses the latest technology and equipment to ensure that our clients have a comprehensive understanding of their sites before construction or excavation work begins.

      Our team of underground surveyors are qualified and possesses extensive experience, and we follow the PAS128 standard.

      What is an Underground Survey and Utility Mapping?

      An underground survey is a method of finding where underground utilities and structures are located. Hidden underground utilities, such as water pipes, gas lines, sewer and electric cables, while structures include storm sewers, manholes and vaults, can pose significant safety risks and can cause costly damage if not properly identified and managed.

      Utility mapping is a way of understanding the location of utilities in a given area. This guide will help you understand how underground surveys work, who needs them and why, what an underground survey costs, and more.

      Ground Penetration Radar (GPR)

      Our Underground Surveying Services

      The range of underground survey services we offer includes:

      3D Laser Scanning Surveys

      Capturing three-dimensional information about physical structure in a non-contact manner, delivering detailed results regardless of the scale.


      We use advanced GPR equipment to conduct non-intrusive surveys that accurately locate and identify any anomalies beneath the surface.

      Setting out Engineer

      Our experienced surveyors possess significant expertise in site controlling and setting out positions, site boundary levels and columns minimising mistakes before construction.

      CCTV Surveys

      Our drain inspections using CCTV technology provide a comprehensive analysis to detect blockages or damages, enabling you to avoid future complications.


      Book a Project With Us

      Contact us to have your underground surveys conducted in accordance with the BSI standards and in the most efficient manner possible.

      Why Use Norwich Underground Survey Services?

      • A comprehensive suite of surveying services
        We offer a range of surveying services, including topo surveys, and measured building surveys, where our clients can benefit, all from a single provider.
      • Tailored approach
        We provide bespoke underground surveying services to meet the unique needs of each client.
      • Cutting-edge technology
        We utilise the latest technology to provide accurate and efficient underground surveys.
      • Detailed survey reports
        Our comprehensive reports provide clients with the information they need to carry out their work safely and efficiently while minimising the risk of damage to critical infrastructure.
      • Client-focused
        We are committed to delivering results that exceed expectations and ensure our clients are satisfied with the services we provide.

      Underground survey

      CCTV Surveys

      Who Needs an Underground Survey?

      An underground survey is required by a diverse range of industries and sectors, including but not limited to construction, utilities, and infrastructure. Our underground surveying services are used for a wide range of purposes, including land development, construction, utility mapping, and underground mapping. It is typically necessary to identify potential hazards and risks, such as:

      • Health hazards like lead or asbestos
      • Damage from underground utilities such as cable TV lines or gas lines
      • Earthquakes or other seismic activity in your area

      Equipment for Capturing Accurate Data

      Our team at Norwich Measured Survey comprises highly trained and experienced surveyors who are well-equipped to carry out comprehensive underground surveys to accurately map out the location of utilities and structures buried beneath the ground. Depending on the project scale and requirement, we use utilise a variety of surveying equipment and methods, including Electro-magnetic Locators (EML) and Ground Penetration Radar (GPR).

      The cost of an underground survey can vary depending on several factors, such as

      • The scope of the survey
      • Whether it is a new survey or an update to an existing survey
      • The location
      • The type of equipment required

      How Much Does it Cost to Get an Underground Survey?

      At Norwich Measured Survey, we are committed to providing transparent pricing and working with our clients to determine the most cost-effective solution for their needs. Contact us today to discuss your project and receive a tailored quote for an underground survey.

      Underground GPR Survey


      Whether you require CCTV drain inspections, ground penetrating radar surveys, or 3D laser scanning surveys, Norwich Underground Survey Services is the partner you can rely on for accurate and reliable underground surveying services.

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